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Category: Arcade
Author: John Wagner | Size: 2.03 Mb | Version: 1.0
Requires: Win All | License: Freeware | Date: 2018-12-01
Downloaded: 1864 Times

ScreenShots: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4

Download Locations:

Download Lander

Author's note:

Use the left, right and down arrow keys to control your rockets.

Use the "A" key to fire up and "Z" key to fire down. Firing burns fuel, so don't fire unless you're shooting at a passing ship.

Be VERY careful firing downward over a landing pad! If your bullet hits a landing pad it will destroy it. Make this mistake three times in one mission and you will be doomed to crash and burn as you will have no place to set your ship down safely ...

Well, not quite - if you destroy all three of your landing pads, a rescue Turtle will launch from the left side of the screen and proceed across the screen. You must land on the rescue Turtles shell (all the other landing rules apply - you can't be going too fast when you land on it). If you miss the oppurtunity to land on the rescue Turtle, then you really are doomed.

To land safely, you must land on the landing pads. If you miss a pad and land on the moon you will explode.

Watch your vertical and horizontal speeds, if you land too hot you will crash. Keep an eye on your display...

On the left side of your ship is your display. The display shows your Vertical and Horizontal velocity as well as your Fuel level. If you are going to fast in either direction the cooresponding display will turn red. If you are below 1 unit of fuel, the fuel gauge will turn yellow. The fuel gauge will turn red when you run out of fuel.

Altitude is shown on the right side of your ship.Altitude is approximate, don't rely on it being 100% accurate! The + or - in front of your altitude indicates whether your are gaining or losing altitude.

Shoot the flying ships for more fuel (1 unit) and points.

Grab the falling coins for more points. Land on the coin for more points.

Grab the falling hearts for more fuel (10 units). Land on the hearts for more fuel (10 units), but be careful not to touch the ground (you will explode!).

No install needed

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