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Hamster Jam
Category: Classic
Author: Ovine by Design | Size: 2.09 Mb | Version: 1.03
Requires: Win All | License: Freeware | Date: 2019-10-01
Downloaded: 2813 Times

ScreenShots: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5

Download Locations:

Download Hamster Jam

HamsterJam is a Windows remake of a Commodore Vic20 game called Rockman, originally created by a company called Mastertronic in 1985.
The idea of the game is to collect all the rings from each room while avoiding monsters, skulls and the deadly boulders. Upon completing a room you can leave by any exits
available to you to move on to the next.
You play Sniffles in the HamsterJam remake, and the monsters are mice intent on stopping you from getting to their precious treasure. The original maps and rooms are still there, along with the unique boulder gameplay, but now with bright, colourful cartoon graphics to bring it into the modern age.

How to play:

Use the cursor keys or a joystick to move Sniffles, the hamster, around the room to collect the rings.


If you dig a hole under a boulder it will begin to move and after a short delay it will fall so be sure to get out of the way. You can push a boulder if you are standing next to it and press the fire button (SHIFT key if using the keyboard).
Boulders will roll off other boulders, rings and skulls if there is nothing to the side holding them in place. Boulders may sometimes split into two if they fall and land on other boulders.


The aim of the game is to collect all of the rings in each room. Some rings will appear in a random place each time so take note of where they are and beware of boulders nearby.
Rings will not fall, but boulders may roll off them. When you have collected all rings in a room, go through an exit on one of the outside walls.


Littered through out the rooms are skulls. They block your way and are deadly to the touch. However if you collect enough rings you might be able to vanquish them.


The mice are out to get you. They aren't good at digging but once they get out they will chase you and try to turn you into Hamster Jam. Avoid them at all costs, or better still turn them into jam by dropping a boulder on top of them.


You only have a limited time to complete each room. This is indicated by the paw prints to the left of the screen, when they reach the top you are out of time!

Completing the game:

To complete the game you must explore and complete all twenty rooms by collecting all the rings. On ending a game if you are connected to the Internet you can submit your
score to the online highscore table.

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