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1. Bridges
2. Perceptia
3. Water Jars
4. Ultimate Burger Hunt
5. Space Gunner
6. Botonoid
7. Bansheerun
8. The Silver Lining - Part 1 The Shadows
9. Battle Ball
10. Hamster Jam

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About DemoNews.Com
Demonews was just brought back to life on October 16, 2005. We are working on the back end, graphics, a file server and more. Please check back regularly and watch as we progress.....

Update, November 19th, 2005. We have added a ton of games and people are starting to find us. After all, you are reading this We have added a logo, some neat buttons, some different colors, top download list and the ability to list downloads by date, popularity, and more just to name a few things completed. We have more to do with side navbars, font and link colors and a little more backend work, most of that to be done before Christmas. Thanks for coming by!

DemoNews was originally founded in 1998 as a place to quickly and easily get the latest game demos, both freeware and shareware. Recently, after doing a search for game downloads, we went from game site to game site simply looking for new releases and eventually gave up frustrated because it seems you can not just simply go find game downloads anymore. Everything is graphic overload, full pages ads upon entering, pop-up ads, spyware, no external links to game companies, enter your email to download, being tricked into clicking links to buy games rather then download, waiting in line, not being given a link to the author, being forced to register, being told obviously lame games were 5 star and all of the "business of gaming" things most so called game websites do, since the dotcom bust, that just ruins the experience for us. We actually found one website that forces you to install a spyware toolbar to download other peoples free games. Another actually repackaged free games with claims it is spyware free while installing spyware added to the package. Can you imagine? And what happened to all the great freeware games out there?

DemoNews.Com is here to help you grab the latest downloads without all of the business and scams of most so called gaming websites. DemoNews runs every game you see listed to check for spyware, viruses or unwanted 3rd party programs. Any programs that have these are not listed here. If you like our website and would like to support us, we simply ask that you click an interesting ad occasionally, or purchase a game through us on any download page, which nets us a small commision. This helps pay for our time, file server and hosting costs. Thanks for visiting and please, tell a friend.

If you would like to email us for anything, you can do so at:

For advertising info please write:

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