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Gridhunt+ is a turn-based, retro-styled strategy game based on the game classic Battleships, but set in space rather than at sea.

Players take turns placing shots on a starmap and try to destroy each others fleets. Gridhunt+ has a number of unique features, such as randomly placed 'nukes' that blows up large areas of space, and the total number of shots decreasing based on how many ships are left in your fleet.

Author's note:

The first version of Gridhunt was released in 2002 and became quite popular on the freeware scene. After numerous comments and suggestions on how to improve it we decided to make a new version: Gridhunt+. The game is still very similar to the original, and can actually be played in the exact same way, but we have added some new exciting features, all of them being optional.

Major changes include an all new Survival Mode that enables you to keep beating opponents until you are defeated. This mode features a high score-table and the possibility to unlock a fifth team to play with. The new Sensor Override option eliminates slow gameplay that can appear when both teams have few ships left but large portions of space still covered. Also, you can now play with up to ten hidden nukes.

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