Blinky's Scary School

Classic 871 Kb Freeware

Remake of a Classic C64 Platform Game

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The Story of Blinky's Scary School
The long faces on the portraits looked down disappovingly at he old man as he climed into bed. His tame pet haggis was already contentedly asleep at the foot of the bed dreaming of faraway Scottish Glens, Laird Hamish McTavisch plimped up his pillow, blew out his candle, and fell into a deep sleep.

Outside the walls glinstened with lighting as a storm settled down for the night over Drumtrochie castle. A barn Owl hooted miserably and, somewhere in the distance, a click struck twelve.

Throughout the castle came the sound of ancient clicking into operation. This was the ghost expelling machinery invented by the late Red Lair McTavisch was more than a touch peeved having become a ghost himself, to find himself kicked out of his own home by the machinery he invented! It was this machinery that ensured that the McTavish Clan had a long and happy night's sleep.
Well Until Tonight That Is...

It is not easy being a ghost, the hours are long, the place of work cold and dark, and the promotion prospects, in all honesty, are fairly limited. However, the major problem for a prospective ghost is training.
Although the qualifications to become a ghost are fairly simply (being dead is usually the only requirement), the actual haunting part is alot more tricky than most people realise.

So, the famous school for Spectres and Spooks was set up, to educate and inform prospective ghost prospective ghost in the ways of haunting. At the end of the school year, the star pupils are sent to haunt there pupils are to haunt the more exclusive nightspots. And so it was Blinky, the school's star pupil, arrived at Drumtrochie Castle ready to put in a solid night's haunting totally unaware of the deadly machinery ticking quietly in the bowels of the Castle.

The Gameplay of Blinky's Scary School
Blinky's Scary school allows the player to control the loveable ghost with eyelid flutter using the cursor keys and space key.

Blinky moves quikly through the maze of rooms in Drumtrochie Castle on the look out for various artifacts that will help him to put the spooks up Laird Hamish McTavish. Find the the hidden clock to wake him up.
But beware! There are various traps and creatures that will sap Blinky's energy if they manage to get their hands on him.

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