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Author's note:

Original Game: Kane (C) Mastertronic 1986
This game was ported to multiple platforms, but the remake
is based on the Amstrad CPC 464 version.

Different Modes:

Bird Shoot:

Shoot as many vultures as you can before you run out of arrows. You score medals for every 3 vultures you shoot. The medals are used as lives throughout the remainder of the game. The more vultures you shoot, the more medals and the better chance of completing the game.

Horse Ride to Kane:

Race to Kane against the clock, jumping all manner of obstacles along the way.

Shoot-out In the Town of Kane:

Clear Kane of those no good bandits. Watch out though, the bandits don't want to leave, and are gunnin' for you too.

Stop the train:

The train track is out, and the train driver doesn't know. Race to the front of the train and warn the driver, before its too late. Jump the obstacles and stop the train.

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