AGwaK 2: Darkside Adventures 1.0b

Side Scrollers 25.7 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

Oh no! Princess Daphodil lost her crown and now you must find it! Where could it be?! And why do you end up on a star really really far away? I will not tell you. You must discover it by yourself!

You can play with your keyboard or a gamepad. You're cooler if you use the keyboard, of course. You'll have to figure out the gamepad controls yourself, but let me tell you about the keyboard controls, okay?

The game saves on the world map. There are save points letting you save inside levels sometimes. Press the Up Arrow to use those. If you lose all your hearts, it is game over and you are dead.

There are 3 diamonds - sometimes 4!! - in almost every level to collect. You may find something secret if you get most of them! The game has 4 secret levels to find, 1 of them being mandatory.
Do not hurt the animals. They are your friends!
Do not skip the outro or you may miss a VITAL scene!


Arrow Keys : Move about
Up : Talk to characters (stand to the left or right of the character you want to speak to)
Shift/X : Jump
Tap Ctrl/C : Shoot Star (shoot higher while holding UP Arrow)
Tap Ctrl/C : Pick up/Throw object (must touch object to lift it) throw higher by holding UP while throwing)
Hold Ctrl/C : Run (if you have the run ability)
Enter : Pause
5 and 6 : Switch to 54 or 60 FPS (game speed)
J and K : Switch to Joystick or Keyboard
Tab : Skip cutscene
Pickup Hack : Enabling this in the starter will let you pick things up by pressing UP. Experimental option.

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