Alley Squirrel

Side Scrollers 24.6 Mb Freeware

You are on a mission. A mission to find and capture the most dangerous criminal of the century.

As an undercover agent you roam the alleys of Chicago searching for clues that will help you arrest and indite a vicious gangster who robs banks and sells the gold in a complex black market.

With three exciting levels each with an intense final challenge and climactic Ultimate Challenge, you will never be bored as you attempt to defeat the powers of evil in this completely 3D game.

The storyline includes a full blown 3D Intro Movie, several Outro Movies, and many briefings, and top secret documents to enhance the gameplay and atmosphere of the missions.

On the menu, you can learn how to play the game, view the list of people who contributed to making it, and speed up the game by switching the sounds and/or music off. These features are all showcased in an original style that makes setting up the game so much more fun than on a traditional menu.

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License Freeware
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