Alpha Beam 1.01

Side Scrollers 5.02 Mb Freeware

A side-scrolling Space shooter with 3d enemies and objects. Big explosions and spectacular super weapons!
Not only do you have to shoot the enemies down, but you have to steer your space ship between obstacles as asteroids, moving panels, etc..
The game has 4 levels and an amazing final boss!


* 3 difficulty levels
* real 3d objects on a scrolling landscape
* 8 powerable weapons
* 4 full levels
* an amazing final big bad boss on level 4
* super explosions
* original music & fx


Arrows (or joystick) = move
Ctrl (or joystick) = fire
Shift (or joystick) = select weapon
Esc = exit game

No Install needed

About this file
File Size 5.02 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
Price -