Side Scrollers 2.15 Mb Freeware

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The Story of Amuck
RUDY is a special H-Series Robot developed by the Ager Corporation. In RUDY's case, he has been modified to serve as a bounty hunter, and has "real intelligence." He can think for himself and act for himself without any outside input. He's become a very proficient bounty hunter, and has been hired by the TPS packing company to investigate a factory of theirs that has mysteriously shut down.

Upon arrival at the factory, RUDY realizes that this is a much more complicated situation that he had previously thought. He encounters a robot similar to himself, with the call-sign RUBY, who has taken over the entire factory along with an army of different robots. RUDY must now track RUBY down throughout the entire factory, to stop the factory from being destroyed at the hands of RUBY.


The arrow keys move your character
SPACE makes you jump.
When you receive the WRAP-O-MATIC weapon, you can use the arrow keys to point in the direction you want to shoot, and either CONTROL key to fire.

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