Ant Academy

Classic 6.51 Mb Freeware

A nice 3D snake with ants

As in an usual snake game, you have to eat apples to grow. Each time you eat an apple your snake grows by one ant. Don't touch the walls and don't let your snake fall overboard.
In this game you have to make a connection between the tiles A and B. To do that let your snake walk from tile A to tile B and when your snake is long enough then the level is complete.
To get a good score, you can also eat some red apples (double points) or some golden apples (points x 4).

It's really a nice and challenging game, but sometimes the snake stops a fraction of a second and then with a shock forwards it continues playing. I think it happens when the game loads a new sprite. So, I think that this game only runs flawlessly on fast computers. (I tested it on a winXP - cpu 1.3 GHz - Geforce2)


space = start game, etc
arrows = change direction
Esc = pause / back to menu

No install needed

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File Size 6.51 Mb
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