Barbie Super Model

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Help Barbie become a great fashion model! This is an arcade game with many different activities to participate in.

Everyone's favorite doll makes her way to the Sega Genesis with Barbie Super Model. It's Barbie's dream to become a world famous super model, and she needs your help to reach that goal. Travel to some of the most exciting cities in the United States as she climbs the ladder towards stardom: see the stars in Hollywood, frolic on the beach in Hawaii, brave the cold in Vail, and watch Barbie's wish become a reality in New York. In each locale you'll play a variety of mini-games, how to dress, the proper way to apply makeup, and how to move on the catwalk. As Barbie continues on the path to learning the finer points of being a super model, can she count on you to help make her dream come true?

When you first start this game you are driving from left to right collecting stars and handbags, after which you drive in the opposite direction. Upon successfully completing the driving part of the game you try on a few outfits, pose for a magazine cover and then take to skating along the beach California Games style. Try not to get hit by frisbees, balls, men etc. If you can skate all the way along you get to go to another fashion shoot, try on different make-up, practice your stage presence then take to the slopes! This is also followed by more make-up, dress-ups and magazine cover shots.

Barbie Super Model challenges Barbie's athletic ability as well as her fashion sense. On roller skates, a bike, or in a car, Barbie makes her way through various side-scrolling levels, avoiding obstacles such as birds and beach balls while collecting little hearts and special camera and purse icons. Grabbing a camera will switch the game to a special mode in which the player is shown a magazine cover for a limited amount of time, then must try to match Barbie's hair and makeup to those of the cover-girl model. The purse initiates a similar challenge, in which Barbie's outfit must match the clothes worn by the supermodel on the magazine. A "Junior Model" mode allows players to try the magazine-matching games without the side-scrolling action levels.


* Features the world famous Barbie
* Visit four major U.S. cities
* Learn how to be a super model
* Several bonus sections that will give you the skills you need

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