Barfer Sickmess 2

Side Scrollers 29.2 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

It's Xmas Eve, but disaster is about to strike!
Up high, in the sky, a sneaky silhouette is creating chaos, with only one thing in mind... to ruin Christmas!
Will the Claus Family be able to save Xmas?!
There's only one way to find out!

Help Santa to fill his Belly
BARFER SICKMESS 2 is a Christmas side-scrolling shooter, that allows 1-4 players to team up offline or online. The uniqueness about this game is the mutliplayer options and the online and offine options.

There are many power-ups and when Santa's belly is full, he will display his special move. An excellent sidescroller for the Christmas season.


Arrow keys
Shift to shoot
Crtl to sick

System Requirements:

Win 2000/XP
Intel Pentium III 1.2GHz processor
256 MB RAM
56k/Broadband Internet Connection (only for online play)

About this file
File Size 29.2 Mb
Operating Systems Windows 2000
Windows XP
License Freeware
Price -