Bastard World

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Author's note:

A game I never thought I'd finish, and the sequel to a game that only took six hours to make. Bastard World is a pure platformer: nothing to collect, no lives or timers, just things to jump on and jump over.

It was abandoned for a long time but I decided the other day to finish off the second half and release it.
Bastard World is much larger than Ball Bastard 1, featuring thirty stages including three bosses.
Inspired by a masochistic friend of mine is a new challenge in the form of the end-level flags.
Kill every enemy in a stage without taking a hit to score a star on the map, and achieve all the stars on a world to unlock a little bonus.

A pure platformer with good graphics and nice music. A Mario-style jumping game without power-ups or bonus items to help you. The objective is very simple, just get to the end of the level and pull the flag. There are three worlds in this game with each ending with a Boss to defeat.

Sometimes, you will need to jump onto an enemy to get through. There is also a tutorial level to assist as well.
Overall,a fun game for platformer lovers out there and if thirty levels is not enough, you can try the bonus stage as well.


Move - left/right keys,
Jump - up arrow
Dash - Down arrow

No install needed

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