Bernard & Hank

Side Scrollers 1.61 Mb Freeware

A fantastic run and jump game (over 40 levels) with beautiful graphics. A must for every fan of platform games, even for the Super Mario freaks. (You can kill the enemies by shooting them or by jumping on their heads).


This is a story about the farmer Bernard Buffalo and his friend Hank Hoedown. Bernard lived a happy life on his family farm until Nationalliberal, a ruthless businessman, planned to build a factory farm on Bernards land and surroundings. He sent out his minions who stole Bernards deeds to the farm. Now Bernard, with help from Hank, has to get them back. This won't be easy, there are liberal minions and other dangers everywhere.


Arrow keys = move
Shift = jump
Ctrl = shoot
R = restart level
Esc = end level

About this file
File Size 1.61 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
Price -