Billy the Blue Mole Adventure 1.0

Side Scrollers 1.28 Mb Freeware

Billy a young mole wants to be rich so he decided to enter the Gogo mine. To find treasure, but the mine is very dangerous and there are many evil creatures and some Deadly Robots about. He must also be careful about traps and falls and he should try to find something to cross the Lake so Billy can find the Treasure in that Mine ?.


Control 1P : 1- Arrow : Move jump

Pause game
3- Restart room .(cost 1 life)
4- in Sub (left & right : steer) Forward move Backward move

Battle 2P : you play (P1) Billy and P2 play Charlie .

Control : 1P Move : Arrow 2P Move :{ A.W.D.S}
Shot : Shot :
Def : Def :

Pacman : A simple game you play a blue pacman try collect all points andavoid ghost. Control : move : arrow

Hint : This is like any platform game, you collect jewels
and avoid the enemies or kill them by jumping on their heads.

Try to collect many Jewels to get a high score. Open your eyes to find a key to open the block. Be careful with traps and falls.

Created with GameMaker - No install needed

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File Size 1.28 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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