Bio Menace 1.1

Classic 1.5 Mb Freeware

NOTE: This game is discontinued, but has been released as freeware. Apogee Software, Ltd. retains copyright on this title. The information here is provided only for historical purposes. No support is given on this title.

You are Snake Logan, a top CIA operative who likes to do things his own way. Metro City has fallen under the attack of hideous mutants and your mission is to fly recon over the city and report back. While circling over the city you're shot down by hostile forces and forced to crash land on the streets of Metro. Grabbing what supplies you can find you are out to discover the source of these mutants and especially the guy who shot you down!

Intelligence reports indicate that a man calling himself Dr. Mangle is responsible for the mutants and the destruction of Metro. You will have to battle your way through many levels packed with evil mutants and robotic guards to finally infiltrate Mangle's fortress and defeat him. You think to yourself that this will be the most dangerous mission of your life.

Snake Logan is a weapons expert, and uses several throughout the game, including a high-powered machine gun (you NEED to hear the sound effect for this!) and grenades.


* Developed using a game engine developed by Id Software, designers of Quake.
* Fantastically animated creatures and menacing robotic enemies to outwit.
* Non-stop, Duke Nukem-style, kick-'em-in-the-butt, shoot-everything action!
* Exciting and brilliantly drawn graphics, with stunning variety and realism.
* Full Ad Lib music soundtrack and sound effects.
* Big boss creatures to battle!
* Several weapons at your disposal, plus four secret weapons and maneuvers!
* Many secret areas to discover.

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File Size 1.5 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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