Classic 600 Kb Freeware

Author's note:

Heavily inspired by Bubble Bobble this game already went a long way from DOS to Windows.

Clean all the levels (100!) of monsters to advance to the next level. But to do that you have to stun the enemies with your voice first.

Tricky constructed stages and different enemy kinds will make your adrenalin flow free! Every five stages you receive a code so you don't need to begin at the very first level every time.

The Lord of Darkness awaits you in Level 100...


Level-Codes: Every five stages you receive a level code, so you don't have to replay the easy levels every time.

100 Levels: Fun for hours!

One heck of a boss: The (big) end awaits you in Level 100. Can you best the Lord of Darkness?

System Requirements:

DirectX 8.0

Menus are in German, but the game is simple to play

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File Size 600 Kb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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