Blitter 2 - The Swarm 1.02

Action 6.30 Mb Freeware

Intense shoot-em-up action as you try to save the Earth! So many aliens on the screen to destroy and the saucer keeps producing more!

Collect all the power ups to help you in your quest!

Author's note:

THE PLOT.....(such as it is)

Nasty, evil bug-eyed Aliens from Deepest Outer Space have been keeping an eye on our small planet for many years. Only now have our TV signals from the 1950's travelled through space and reached their world. Seeing the B-movie science-fiction television pictures of creepy alien scum devouring cattle and destroying cities, the nasty aliens figure that we know about them! So they gathered their
forces and travelled through the cosmos to invade our peaceful
world. Even now, the alien fleet draws closer, intent on stealing our cows and people for evil, alien purposes that probably involves making some kind of meat paste to be sucked up in candy straws.

YOU are Earths final hope. Equipped with the best space fighter current technology can provide, only YOU stand between the alien forces and the extinction of the human race. Go forth and kick alien butt!!


Move your ship left.
Move your ship right.
Fire your lasers.
Fire the Death Beam.

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File Size 6.30 Mb
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License Freeware
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