Buzz the Squirrel 2

Classic 1.49 Mb Freeware

A nice Mario-like platformer - 22 levels

Buzz must travel through around 22 levels of tricky platformer action to reach the space base where his fellow villagers are being held by his arch enemy Zak the squirrel! Zak has got into the nasty habit of testing on animals and has created dangerous minions all out to Stop Buzz by fair means or foul, preferably foul.

The gameplay is similar to the Mario bros and you`ll probably guess that quite quickly, Buzz can squash enemies, run (ctrl), throw (ctrl when next to a box) and do lots of other platformy goodness, but don`t run too fast as there are a lot of hidden bonus items around including coins, yellow coins are worth 1, blue are worth 30 and red coins are worthless (Except for a bit of fun if you want to track them all down)

The game will save on each completed level and at the end of the game. Upon completion a level select and mini game will become available.


Arrows = move, climb
Ctrl+arrows = run
Shift = jump (tap for small jump, hold for higher jump)
Holding Shift (when bouncing on enemy) = higher jump
Ctrl (when standing next to a brown box) = pick up box (let go to throw)

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File Size 1.49 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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