Crazy Painters

Action 17.4 Mb Freeware

1-4 Player game. Play against friends, family, or the computer. Paint the most to win.

Grab items for advantages. Break, steal, lose items! Gain specials or the rare ERASER item.

Network play still in work but the game is complete. You can only chat in network. Built-In CD Player.

Author's note:

ISSUES WITH NETWORK: The network game isn't working fully yet. You can still select it from the menu to connect to a friend and chat. When you try to disconnect, the game will end. I had to because there was problems with the graphics.


P1: Left and Right
P2: Z and X
P3: N and M
P4: 4 and 6
Enter: Pause Game
Space Bar: Use Items *Read more about items.

About this file
File Size 17.4 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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