Death Cage

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Author's note:

DC is a minigame in which your objective is to survive attacks of hostile zombies.

Plot is about a virus which under the influence of serious changes in climate (after change of poles) evolves and destroys most of known world.

Game is situated in closed mini arenas, something like prison cages, from which we can't escape..

There are a few levels to choose from, and one scenery. And physics engine will quite accurately display physics (e.g. grenade will cause recoil).

In the game there is plenty of black humor and irony to Polish Click Scene, carols and Christmas...


Controls are presented in tutorial but in short they are:

WSAD - Move Kunter
Mouse - Turn Kunter
Left Mouse Button - Attack with current weapon
Right Mouse Button - Reload current weapon
B - Turn sounds on/off
M - Turn music on/off
N - Turn comments on/off
ESC - Fast Exit to highscore

No install needed

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