Diatris Game Pack 1.0

Tetris Style 407 Kb Freeware

The Diatris Game Pack is a collection of three Windows games that are somewhat similar to Tetris. The difference being, that the Tetris objects are rotated by 45 degrees into the shape of diamonds. For all three games, the seven objects are identical. The only real differences to the three games are the method of manipulating and moving the objects that fall.

For the first game, Y-Diatris, the objects can move vertically and diagonally. The second game, X-Diatris, the objects can move only in two diagonal directions; the vertical drop is taken out. For the last game H-Diatris the objects can only move vertically and horizontally like most block drop games.

Rules to eliminating pieces: 1. Any complete row of diamonds within the well will cause the row to turn translucent. Translucent diamond piece act essentially as placeholders for an object to fall though or take its place. 2. Any two complete adjacent rows of diamonds will cause the deletion of those two rows, with the above rows to fall down in their place.

The games combine the addictive nature of Tetris with new strategies for fitting diamond objects together. When you become really good, you will be able to play Y-Diatris or X-Diatris for 20 minutes non-stop without having to start a new game. For all the games, each placed shape is worth five points. High scores are kept for the games. Sound card owners will appreciate the digital sound effects and Midi based music.

Minimum System Requirements:

Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
4 Mbytes of RAM
3 Mbytes of Hard Drive
Sound Card

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