Dream Girl's Tetris 1.33.3

Tetris Style 517 Kb Freeware

Dream Girls Tetris is a free version of the popular Tetris game. Dream Girls Tetris objective is to complete the game by achieving a total of 10 levels.

Try to place the falling blocks in their best positions so that they match and there are as few empty spaces as possible between them. Use your keyword arrow keys to move or change the block's orientation.

Press the 'P' key anytime to pause the game. Every time you beat your current level or obtain a certain number of points a new dream girl will appear on the game right panel screen. The levels get harder as the game proceeds so play the smart way to display all top models! Have fun and beautiful girls!

System Requirements:

Windows, Linux or Unix system with a browser and Macromedia Flash

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Operating Systems Windows
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