Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.2

Simulation 2.82 Mb Freeware

A text-based wrestling sim

Extreme Warfare Revenge is a wrestling based simulation game with a massive amount of depth to it. You start of by selecting a federation such as the WWE, ROH, etc. Your overall role in EWR is to hire and fire the workers and staff, then to book (that means to set the matches, interviews, and angles) the shows.

You have the ongoing challenge of trying to continue being successful with your promotion.

You must manage many aspects such as feuds, angles, TV events, finance, relationships and more. The game can be easily updated with new wrestlers and federations with the built in database editor. If you want a large update there are many user made databases avaliable on the net.

Though the game is text based and has no sound, a wrestling fans will enjoy this detailed simulation game.

No install needed

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