Falling Formulas 1.8

Tetris Style 222 Kb Freeware

Is it an educational game? An arcade game? A puzzle game? It's all of these and more. It's a tetris clone with a mathematical twist!

Instead of just filling up rows with blocks, you need to form mathematical equations in order to get the blocks to disappear. Falling numbers, operators, equals signs, bombs and more require rapid thinking in order to get the two sides of an equation to match up.

You'll be surprised at all the strategies needed to reach the higher levels and get a high score.


* A practice mode for learning.
* Special blocks, including bombs, spiked blocks and more.
* Changeable backgrounds.
* A choice of 3-different designs for the blocks.
* A variety of music tracks.
* In-depth tutorial.
* A quick-use calculator.
* Customizable keyboard controls.
* Automatic saving of an unfinished game.
* Choice of wide or narrow playing area.


On initial installation, you will find the game's option screen locked. To unlock and activate the screen, simply play a game that gets you into the hall of fame and when prompted for the name you want to enter into the hall of fame, enter the following 2 words: Full Activation

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Homepage http://www.reasonablegames.com/info/fallingformulas.htm
File Size 222 Kb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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