Fishing Derby

Arcade 1.73 Mb Freeware

Catch as much fish as possible with your rod and try to reach 100 points before your opponent. Watch out for the shark that eats the fish you have caught. Good addictive fun!

Forget modern 3D accelerated Bass Fishing Bonanzas, and embrace a simpler form of PC oriented fishing!

A remake of an old Atari 2600 game. Simply catch the fish quicker than your opponent, first to 100 points wins.


Select the game mode from the title screen, it's pretty self explanatory, but you can choose two play against a computer opponent, or real opponent, using either keyboard or joypad/joystick.

You can also select a difficulty level by pressing left/right.

When in game, get the hook near a fishes mouth, and then press the fire button to try and jag him...wind him up by pressing fire again, or joystick button 2. And a little hint, deeper fish are worth more, but it's a bit harder to avoid the shark...

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File Size 1.73 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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