Forbidden Forest

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Author's note:

The original C64 game was unique for several reasons. Firstly, it oozed creepy atmosphere, with evil critters surprising you at every turn. Secondly, because the control method was unique, if a little frustrating. You had to notch an arrow, and then aim it both on a horizontal and vertical axis in order to target the critters effectively. Took a while to get the hang of, but that was a real motivation to keep playing.

I've gone with a 3D engine for this game, but while maintaining the original's game-play. It plays very smoothly, and due to the more detailed player model/animations, you can tell whether your arrow is notched, which was problematic in the original.


turn/run left: Cursor Left
turn/run right: Cursor Right
Aim up: Cursor Up
Aim down: Cursor Down
Load arrow: Space
Fire arrow: Space
Quit: ESC

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