Furio's TPS Adventure

Side Scrollers 6.8 Mb Freeware

"Total Packaging Supplier one of the biggest companies in the world has been taken over by evil robots. Make all the way to the company and destroy their BOSS to finish the game."

In each level you have to collect creates. Sometimes you have to talk with TPS worker to complete a quest but in some levels there aren't any TPS workers you only have to collect the crates. To every level you are teleported and in the end of every level there is teleport to bring you back. When you make enough quests in level you be able to play next one. You don't have to make all of them to be able to play next level, but if you make all of them in some levels you be able to play new bonus levels with extra lifes to collect. When you destroy BOSS you get a bonus. So don't wait and go - adventure is waiting...

There are 11 levels total + level with BOSS to defeat. 5 bonus levels. Furio can also dive, fly with use of helicopter and much more. There is also a multiplayer so you can play with second person on one PC in Pong or Bomber.



Mouse movement - move cursor
Mouse click - select


Arrow keys - walking, crouching, climbing...
Space - jump, going up when using helicopter
Z - kick
C - talking with TPS workers, reading hints Escape - pause, back to game
Q - quit current level (while in pause menu)

About this file
Homepage http://www.marogames.za.pl
File Size 6.8 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
Price -