Gems 1.0

Puzzle 7.03 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

Gems is a 62 level puzzle game, Where you shift pieces, avoid obstacles, and defuse bombs!


* 62 levels!
* 4 pieces of CUSTOM music (And you can add your own by dragging music into the /Gems_Music/ folder!!)
* A level editor/player
* Awesome graphics and music
* Addictive gameplay!
* Mini-games!!


Up Arrow = Move Gem Up
Down Arrow = Move Gem Down
Left Arrow = Move Gem Left
Right Arrow = Move Gem Right
R = Restart level
Shift = Show all text in textboxes
Space = Speeds textbox up
Enter = Pause Game

But, The controls are all customizable, Except the mouse.

There are many tutorials in-game, They are the BLUE gems in the Select Level screen, Please try these first

No install needed

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