Gismo 2.3

Tetris Style 435 Kb Freeware

A special kind of Tetris/Columns clone

Loads of effects, professionally animated "gismos", humorous and extensive tutorial, perfect sound effects/music track, and an original twist on the tetris gameplay.

You basically have the original Tetris shapes falling down from the top which can be controlled by the arrowkeys. There are two components to these shapes. Stones and Gismos. The stones can be lined up in a row and shattered. The Gismos however, are practically indestructable.

This is where the arrow-ball comes in. This powerup rolls down and then either left or right (depending on which way the arrow is pointing) slaughtering all Gismos in its path. Get a certain number of Gismos at once, and you earn the diamond powerup. This rests on whatever object it meets first and releases acid rain killing all Gismos under it to a certain depth.

Overall, even if you aren't a Tetris fan, this game is a cut above the rest and definitely worth checking out.

About this file
File Size 435 Kb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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