Guess What 1.1

Puzzle 665 Kb Freeware

This is a two-player guessing game. Each player takes turns trying to guess the other player’s choice. You can play against the computer.


At the start of the game, the screen displays a set of objects, usually 16 to 20. These objects look alike but differ in certain characteristics. Computer and the player selects one object from the ones displayed.


The object of the game is for you to guess what computer has selected and for the computer to guess you choice.

How to play:

You have to find out computer’s choice before the computer guesses yours. You eliminate potential candidates by asking questions about object characteristics. For example, when “persons” are displayed you may ask whether a person is a male or female. Depending on yes or no answer, you can eliminate a group of objects on the screen. Once you have eliminated all the objects but one, then you know what computer had selected. Computer and you take turns asking questions. You start first.

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