HellCarrier 1.0

Top Down 3.13 Mb Freeware

HellCarrier is a 2d, top down helicopter game. As a UN pilot your main objective is simple: To shoot terrorists.
You are flying the worlds most sophisticated helicopter. It is equipped with mission/map screen, smart radar, armour meter and message indicator.

At the beginning of the game you choose yor co-pilot and then it is off to battle with 4 standard missles and 500 rounds of machine gun ammo. During the various missions you will find around the battle field, crates of spare parts to repair your helicopter and you will also find more weaponry including: heat seeking and phosphor missles as well as standard missles and of course machine gun ammo.

A second campaign which can be loaded from the main menu, takes place in the arctic region near the north pole. The terrorists have taken Santa Claus hostage and your mission it to rescue him.

System Requirements:

Pentium P200 or equivalent
16 megs system RAM
10 MB harddrive space

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Homepage http://freelunchdesign.com/
File Size 3.13 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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