Hercules and the Princess of Troy 1.0

Side Scrollers 2.46 Mb Freeware

A sidescroller, kill enemies with sword and bow.

You have to go around with a bow and sword killing enemies through the 8 levels and fighting in 5 boss levels. This game seems to take skill, but it`s fun to wall jump and ceiling climb! Once you beat the game, and watch all the credits, you are rewarded with a nice set of cheats(including various weapons/invicibility)


King Laomedon had two gods, Poseidon and Apollo build him the great walls of Troy. But as the two gods had finished their creation, King Laomedon refused to pay for what the gods built for him. As punishment, Poseidon sent a large sea monster to kill King Laomedon's daughter, Hesione. Before the Hydra could kill Hesione, Hercules is there to slay the beast. When Hercules looks to King Laomedon for a reward, he refuses to pay him. Hercules was outraged, and decided to besiege the city of Troy. So he raised an army, including a great warrior and friend of Hercules, Telamon. When Hercules's army captured the city, Hesione and Telamon married and gave birth to Teucer. As for Hercules, his adventures continued. And as his days would eventual end, he would rest above the skies in Mount Olympus; being granted the gift of Immortality.


WASD or arrow keys + mouse

Other Keys include:
“F4” – Toggles between Full screen Mode
“Esc” – can exit you to the main menu
“F8” – Look in Section IV. Troubleshooting for information

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