HitBlock Final

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Author's note:

A game, which started as remake of the C64 game Crillion. Up to date graphics and sounds make this game an experience on your PC today.

A ball jumps up and down and can be moved to the left and right. Every level has to cleaned of all blocks. This works only if the color of the ball and the block match though. Skill and brain power are needed to solve all 200 levels. And should you be able to finish all of them you can always start up the editor to build your own contraptions.


* Player Profiles: Fun for the whole family! Did you solve more stages than your sibling?

* Eight Level-Sets: Tutorial, Easy, Medium, Hard, Classic, For Kids, HitBlock Zero and Only for good Players. Includes the original levels from the C64 version.

* Online Highscore List: Compare to other players around the world!

* Online Level Database: It's never been so easy to exchange level sets with the world!

* Many additional game elements: crumbling blocks, switches, moving enemies, colored deathbringers, snow blocks, glass, bombs

* Create your own graphic tile set: Just place a 640x480 sized image in the Themes subfolder following the blueprint.png template and select it in the options! Possible formats are: GIF, BMP, PNG and TGA!

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