Irina Pinball 6.0

Pinball 94 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

I think the version name is quite suitable, as you probably figured out - this is the FINAL Version!
Updates include:
Flamenko remix at 2 million.
Gypsy multiballs at 3 million.
New Extraball..hey this is allways useful!
Small adjustments in the scoring.
Medal Ceremony! This must be the first pinball game ever to have such a feature! umm ok..maybe nothing to get too excited about..It does somehow create a more skating feel as you are competing against others to get a medal, it took lots of work making and is
something i allways wanted in the game.
Alltogether it feels like a nice way to round off the project and start making a new table,
I really hope you enjoy it

To Install, follow these easy steps:
Requires computer with Windows.
1. Unzip the files,
2. click visualpinball_7alpha.msi
3. Install
4. choose location, lets say "c:/Program Files/Visual Pinball"..
5. When finished install, replace the VPinball.exe file with the one in your Visual Pinball DIR.
This is important as the old exe has expired.

There you go!!
DoubleClick 'Irina Pinball v1.6.vpt' to play!
(If it doesnt work, try moving this file into the /Tables folder).


Left Flipper /LEFT SHIFT
Right Flipper /RIGHT SHIFT
Launch Ball /ENTER
Nudge Table /SPACE
ESC /Quit Game (Editor*)
*In the Editor you can change the Screen Resolution.
See Preferences/Video Options.
Like most games, it looks best in 'Full Screen' and high resolution.

Have fun and enjoy Pinball on Ice

Who is Irina? Irina Slutskaya is a beautiful Russian ice skater. 2X World Champion, 7X European Champion and 2 times Olympic medalist.

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