Jetsquadron 1.0

Action 1.38 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

A "city" level is included, it is unfinished and should not be played unless you want to see some
wacked out coding and debug stuff.


Mouse Left: Shoot
Mouse Right: Shotgun
1-3: Weapon selection
Z: Self Destruct


You are the last remaining line of defense between the U.S and Mexico border. Torn between the oncoming Mexico Squad (MSBS) and the rising urge to jump off the railing and swim to shore, you wait a moment, and decide to see what it looks like to blow a plane to pieces with an oversized machine .


* First game of mine to feature the Pixel Overdose Engine (POE).
* Chiptune powered sound track.
* Lots of little details that give you that special feeling.

Gun 1 is the only that can collect Health
Shotgun uses health
Gun 3 is useful for large amounts of Jets

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Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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