Joe Blade 3 Remake

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Author's note:

Joe Blade 3 Remake is based on original game Joe Blade 3, which is copyright 1989 by Players Software. Joe Blade 3 was available at least for Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum home computers.

Joe Blade 3 offers an amazing action in a building, containing 31 floors + roof (which gives you 542 locations in total). Your mission includes several objectives:

1) save 6 hostages
2) capture enemy leader Crax Bloodfinger
3) rig 6 explosives to blow up the building
4) escape via the roof

Basically, you can complete objectives in any order, but beware: you have only 10 minutes to finish your task after any explosive is rigged!

There are also three (similar, but, anyway, different) types of subgames, which you have to figure out yourself to complete the game :):


* significantly improved graphics
* faithful gameplay
* in-game save/load feature
* a jukebox with 14 great soundtracks, including music from original Joe Blade game series

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