Booga-Boo remake

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Author's note:

Booga-Boo was a very good game from Indescomp (1983). The publisher was Quicksilva and the program was running under Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. There is a review from a book called 1001/1 GAME C64/128 (1989, Hungary):

A little flea called Bugaboo has fallen into a deep gorge, and it's your job to get it out as quickly as possible, reach the top of the cavern in which it has become trapped. The cavern is made up of various ledges and platforms which you can use to work your way to the top.

To move around you simply use two keys, for jump left and jump right. The amount of time you hold the keys down for determines how far you jump. The red points show you how big the jump will be if you stop pressing the arrow button.

There are dangerous carnivore plants and a big bird who is roaming the caverns, being able to fly as he is. You only have one life in this game.

Aim: Get back to the beginning of the ground. Warning! There are carnivore plants and a big bird.

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