Klop and the Dark Gate

Side Scrollers 3.17 Mb Freeware

Author's note:

This is a platform game with 25 levels, 5 bosses and a bonus level, you must collect all the emeralds to defeat the Dark Gate, but to finish the game completely you must also get the 25 saphires.

You play as Klop (a character created by me), who will need various items like a skateboard or a coin to progress.


It was a normal morning in Klop's house, everything was alright, but a strange fly with rare powers entered the house and stole Klop's family relic because it was shiny (it was made of gold and a ruby) so Klop went to chase the fly through the plains, until he found the fly asleep but an interdimensional portal appeared from nowhere and it sucked the fly with the relic, Klop quickly entered the portal....

Then he appeared in a dark cave, with a big rock statue holding the relic, this ancient statue said: Ja ja ja, with the dark key I'm gonna rule the world again; but I need the emeralds to have all the power, I will summon some monsters to take them;(it looks at Klop)Go away mortal creature!!

The Dark Gate's Empire will start soon. The floor opened making Klop fall in the ruins, so he fonud a path leading him to the Warp Zone, there was a big sign saying: WARP ZONE, When the power emeralds were found, this secret area was built to make easier to find them around the world in case of emergency... so the adventure starts.

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