Kyoto Village

Side Scrollers 1.96 Mb Freeware

Author's note

Kyoto Village was made in TGF and I started it way back in 2003 and since then its been through a lot of changes. This is my very first complete game but I’ve been clicking for a while now. All the graphics are original and the music came from


A long time ago two brothers were born on a far away island. Each child was given half of a magic scythe. The scythe was used to cut the golden grain so that the island would prosper for one hundred more years. The babies grew into boys and one day as they were trudging through the forest a terrible dragon dropped from the sky and snatched one of the twins from his feet. That day the twin vowed he would one day find his brother and restore prosperity to the island.


Kyoto Village has a complete Custom Movement including.

Super Jump
Pushing Boxes and statues
Cracking Boxes
Jump through platforms
Moving platforms
Slope Support

The game has twelve levels with four areas.


Items and Weapons

You start out with a sword that you can attack enemies with and you can also jump on their heads.
Later in the game you can pick up axes, throwing stars, and pick axes.
Each level also has crystals scattered about it and if you collect all of them at the end of the level you will receive a one up.

Kyoto village also includes a save feature to store your progress. After every three levels your game is automatically saved.
If you beat the entire game you will unlock the extras which include the original version of Kyoto Village and a mini game.
The game also features some spiffy graphics and some cool particle effects(thanks to peblo’s particle object tutorial.)


Move, arrow keys
Jump, shift
Attack, ctrl
Use secondary weapon, Z
Hold ctrl to run

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File Size 1.96 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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