LadyBug 1.01

Classic 5.5 Mb Freeware

Ladybug is a little maze game with some interesting features. You control a ladybug being pursued around a maze by nasty evil bugs.

The maze of dots looks pretty standard, except for the fact that there are turntiles all over the place that let you dynamically change the layout. These allow you to cut off your enemies and sometimes even isolate them in enclosed spaces.

Unlike most maze games, there’s no way to turn the tables on your enemies, so you’re always on the run. Adding some variety are scattered bonuses and letters you can collect to earn a free bug.

Ladybug is a remake of Universal's Coleco Vision game. Universal released it in 1982. Our version is released 2004.

System Requirements

Win 98/2000/NT/XP
Pentium II (or equal)
64 Mb memory
DirectX 7.0

About this file
File Size 5.5 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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