Lyle in Cube Sector 1.02

Arcade 1.14 Mb Freeware

Nice platformer with old style graphics.

- Shift=jump
- Ctrl=pickup/throw
- Space Bar=view pause screen/map

- BLUE cubes = most common type, bursts upon impact
- GREEN cubes = indestructable, best thrown at a distance so you don't get hit on the rebound
- RED cubes = explodable, does 3X the damage
- YELLOW cubes = contains powerups inside
- Flashing PINK cubes = turns into blue cube when picked up then regenerates at same spot
- Big ORANGE cubes = blocks your path, can also sheild you from falling lava
- Phantom cubes = same as blue cubes but can be upgraded for 2X damage

- Flashing green square = recover 1 HP
- Flashing multilayered green square = recover 2 HP
- Flashing red square = recover 4 CP
- Flashing multilayered red square = recover 8 CP
- Flashing blue orb = increase HP by 1 and recover all HP
- Flashing red orb = can be traded for CP upgrades in the CP room


- When game begins Lyle can only run and jump, all other moves must be found
- CP will gradually regenerate on it's own
- Controls can be switched to joystick by pressing "J" though you still need to press the space bar to pause
- If for some reason you wish to quit the game without saving then press "Alt+F4" (does not work when paused)
No Install needed

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