Magical Feelings 2 1.8

Puzzle 19.1 Mb Freeware

A Japanese puzzle game with manga girls for 1 or 2 players

Feel the magic of the game
Magical Feelings is a puzzle game where you have to join 4 of the same objects to break the lines.

The difference is that you must beat the other player to win. At first you can only select one character. As you defeat characters, you can select others.


Arrow keys - menu select
Z - enter game, skip dialogs
Esc - exit game
F1 - stop
F3 - show picture

In one-player mode
move: arrow keys
turn a block: Z, X, C

In two-player mode
Player 1:
move: D, X, C, V
turn: Q, W, E
Player 2:
move: arrow keys
turn: I, O, P

No install needed

Editor's note:

All the menus in this game are in Japanese and will require some experimentation to navigate through.

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File Size 19.1 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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