Marble Tactics 1.0

Puzzle 13 Mb Freeware

Marbles Tactics is a strategy puzzle game that involves creating lines of 4 or more marbles to make them explode! Watch out, because every move that doesn't make a match will add more marbles to the board. Use special marbles to remove multiple lines at once and rack up big points! Huge scores are earned by forming lines with more than four marbles. Take on classic mode for 20 levels that will work your brain and try your wits. Or go for the high score with the never-ending nerve-busting endurance mode where you can play as long as you can survive!

In addition to 12 regular marbles, there are 3 special marbles. These marbles can be matched with any other color of marble. The first special marble is the multi-colored swirly marble. The second special marble is the black bomb. The bomb will destroy all marbles of the same color as the other marbles in the line. Bomb marbles are a very good way to clear a large portion of the board. The third special marble, the star marble, clears an area around itself.

To succeed at Marble Tactics, you will need to pay close attention to the marbles that are on the board in order to make as few moves as possible. To select the best move, it'll take tactics... Marble Tactics!


* Free game!
* Made with Torque Game Builder (TGB)
* Two game modes: Classic and Endurance
* Easy one-click mouse controls
* 12 colorful and unique marbles
* 3 special items to help you clear marbles
* High score table - beat your best game!

About this file
File Size 13 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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