MidiJam 1.11

Other 3.56 Mb Freeware

Added Recorder, Long and Short Whistle percussion and the following utilities:

MidiList.exe - an EXE you can drop any MIDI file on, to see what instruments are used in it. It also has some search capabilities that were later incorporated into MidiSearch, see below.

MidiSearch.exe - an EXE you can run to search the current directory and all subdirectories for MIDI files. After it comes up just click the "Search for Songs" button and it will look through all found MIDI files for their instruments. Then you can click on the instruments to the left to limit the list on the right based on your select instrument(s). If you click the Launch button, and this EXE is in the same place as MIDIJam, it will automatically launch the selected song in MIDIJam. Down at the bottom is a "Browse for EXE" button, you can use this to select any MIDI player you want the app to send MIDI files to with the Launch button.

Author's note:

MIDIJam is a program that plays back MIDI files in a visual form.

It shows the exact notes played on 3D instruments in real time.

The application currently displays and "plays" up to 92 different instruments that may be called on in a Midi file. I plan to continue adding to the application until all 174 instruments are displayed

Mike's note:

This is an AMAZING program, if you like music check this out!

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