Mr Pratt's Haunted Mansion 2

Side Scrollers 9.39 Mb Freeware

The forces of evil are at large once again, and as always, innocent homeowners are being made to suffer. But this time, the forces of evil have foolishly chosen the wrong house to terrorise.

Mr. Pratt, retired chemistry teacher and guardian of good, has always had a disliking for the un-dead; so when a multitude of zombies, skeletons, vampire bats and creepy giant spiders invade his ornate English mansion, he is none too pleased.

Wishing he hadn't carelessly left his shotgun, school demonstration science bombs, and anti-burglar flamethrower lying around the house, Mr. Pratt sets fearlessly off into the dark and sinister corridors of his mansion, intent on removing the un-dead menace...

Level editor and instructions included

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