MultiHero 0.92

Side Scrollers 6.38 Mb Freeware

A retro platform/fighting game

Select your favorite character and beat the many challenging levels with enemies and obstacles - play with up to 4 players! You can battle with your friends
or the computer in versus mode. Unlock characters and levels by beating the adventure mode and finding secrets using your reflexes, fighting techniques and items!


- 640x480 resolution on full screen or window mode
- Famous characters to choose from
- Easy to learn game mechanisms but hard to master
- Levels are full of obstacles, enemies and surprises
- All playable characters have 8+ different moves plus a super special move
- Use items to help you on fights and obstacles
- Up to four human players on cooperative or versus mode (hot-seat)
- Choose from 4 different game modes on versus games (Death Match, Capture the flag, Keep the flag, Hit The target)
- Battle with your friends or/and against intelligent CPU players on teams or free for all on any versus mode
- Unlock levels and characters by beating the game and discovering its secret areas
- Especially different level designs for maximum fun and varied challenge


- redefineable controls, support for keyboard and up to 4 joysticks

Mike's note:
It will be easiest to redefine the keys before you play as there is no text file with the initial settings.

On some PCs it's necessary the game runs on the SAME color depth as Windows desktop, otherwise it will randomly pop up an error. Go to video properties on desktop and check what color depth it's using. For example, If the desktop is set to (32 bits) color, then go to options in the game menu and change the VIDEO option to 32 BITS.

Minimum System requirements:

CPU 400 Mhz
8 MB Video Card
DirectX 7

No install needed

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