Mutant League Hockey 1.0

Classic 1.27 Mb Freeware

If the bone-crushing body checks and occasional fisticuffs of the NHL just aren’t enough for you, then you need to get your hands on MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY for the Sega Genesis.

There are 23 mutant teams to choose from, each with its own brand of hardcore hockey and their own weapons, too! That’s right, you can fling axes, sledgehammers, or even chainsaws at your opponent and give new meaning to the term slashing.

You can play in 23 different arenas, each with strange and dangerous obstacles, like exploding mines and ice pits. And if you thought the fights that break out in the NHL are rough, you’re in for a shock; in the Mutant League, it’s common to see body parts fly. Lace up your skates and get ready for the intensity and brutality of MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY


* 23 teams to choose from
* 23 unique arenas
* Use weapons to "slash" your opponent
* Bribe the refs to give your team the advantage
* Up to four players

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