Net Storm 10.64

Simulation 12.8 Mb Freeware

You are about to enter the world of Nimbus. Your mission is to capture anemy priests and sacrifice them! Wage intense multiplayer warfare over the internet -- with no lag!

NetStorm: Islands At War was a true underdog of a game. Despite not having any publicity, NetStorm has been strongly supported by its players and fans throughout the years.

To run NS all you have to do is double click on the Netstorm.exe. If you want to have a fort that already has all the levels run the TMaker.exe. If you have any questions about that see TMaker.txt.

System Requirements:

100% Microsoft Windows 9x + compatible computer system
Processor Type: Pentium 90MHz
25MB of uncompressed hard disk space
256 Color (640 x 480) VLB or PCI video card with 1MB RAM
100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card
100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver
DirectX 5 or higher

Additional System Requirements for Multiplayer:
100% 14.4Kbps Windows 9x compatible modem
100% Windows 9x compatible network (LAN)
IPX network (LAN)
TCP/IP network (Internet play)

Tested on an XP system - ran fine

About this file
File Size 12.8 Mb
Operating Systems Windows
License Freeware
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